cropped-rob-cook-profile1.jpgROB COOK – HOST & CREATOR 

Rob is the host of the unfitwithrobcook podcast. Using fitness as a metaphor, combined with his unique storytelling acumen, Rob gets to the heart of what motivates and inhibits people in their quest for personal growth. A dynamic motivational speaker and wellness coach who utilizes the leadership skills he developed during his 21-year military career, Rob inspires listeners and clients to step outside of their comfort zone, increase their productivity and create the actions that yield maximum results.

Born and raised in the housing projects of Birmingham, Alabama, Rob sought to create a brighter future than what awaited many young people who grew up on the streets of his turbulent city. He joined the United States Air Force, where he became a highly-decorated combat veteran who earned a Bachelor’s Degree and graduated with honors from three leadership academies. He traveled the world extensively and held several high-profile positions, including assignments at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., where he was an integral part of the Air Force Chief of Staff’s elite security detail, and at Special Ops Command, where he served as Superintendent of the Commander’s Protective Services Detachment.After retiring from the military,

Rob moved to the Los Angeles area and transitioned into civilian life. He initially sought to utilize his gift of motivation and use the whole-person approach to enriching the body, mind and soul while working as a corporate and private wellness coach. He then launched unFIT using the platform to teach motivational workshops for Fortune 500 companies and coach prominent executives and VIPs in the entertainment and sports industries.

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